Friday, 13 June 2008


"Just as our body requires vitamins and supplements, our mind and soul, similarly, require nourishment to face the challenges of life. Some story maybe can touches a part inside of us, reminds us of the many simple mistake that we unconsciuously commit everyday, and trigger us to take simple step to change towards the better." (Adapted from James Gwee T.H., MBA's word for book "Time to Change" by Hary Subagya )

Everyday, every hour, everyminute, and everysecond the world is changing. Not only everybody who's changing but also the environment, the earth, and the world, Everything is changing. Are you ready for the change?Don't you underestimate yourself, belive me, that you could get more succes than that you've got. Because the the option is yours. Yourself that decide your way, not anyone else. Please choose your way....keep in idle situation or changing with the world...........

This blog I fill with both motivasional and inspirational story that I addapted from Hary Subagya's book with the title "TIME TO CHANGE". This blog also I fill with some motivasional & inspirasional words. I wish that my blog can trigger you to take a step to succes. You also can send your story that can trigger us to take step forward. KEEP SMILE, KEEP MOVING, AND KEEP THE SPIRIT

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